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Cycle of Learning

Cycle of Learning by Anne Fitzpatrick

by Anne Fitzpatrick — OUT NOW

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Published 18 March 2015
• ISBN 9781922198181 • 258 pages • RRP $33.00
Ebook • ISBN 9781922198198 • RRP $9.99
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“I crashed to the ground, landing sandwiched between the bitumen and the bike I was somehow expecting to ride solo and unsupported around Australia. I couldn’t even ride it to work without embedding bitumen into my knees and grating strips of skin from my forearms. What was I thinking?”

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Effective Writing: Plain English at Work

Effective writing; plain English at work 2nd edition

2nd edition 

by Elizabeth Manning Murphy, with Hilary Cadman

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Published June 2014
• ISBN 9781922198143 • 200 pages • RRP $38.50
Ebook • ISBN 9781922198150 • RRP $14.99
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Reviews: "Packed with useful insights"  Isabelle Delvare, PEGboard • "it’s proven a handy reference for the professional" – Dallas Stow, The Canberra Editor  "contains vast amounts of useful information, beautifully presented" – Caroline Petherick, Editing Matters "a thoroughly useful guide to a range of readers"  John Linnegar • "The book is friendly and accessible, making it easy to understand and follow and a valuable supplement to other writing stalwarts, such as the Style Manual"  Tina Mattei, Editors Vic
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Effective writing: plain English at work, second edition, is about writing that works: it is based on sound English grammar and plain English style. If you want to write in a way that is clear and meaningful, to avoid writing gobbledegook, and to be able to explain effective writing to others, this book is for you.

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