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Playing Lady Gaga, Being Nan Pau

Playing Lady Gaga, Being Nan Pau

by Steve Tolbert — OUT NOW

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Published 11 April 2017
• ISBN 9781922198280 •  314 pages • RRP $29.95
Ebook • ISBN 9781922198297 • RRP $7.99 

When Mya Paw Wah commits a crime during a political protest in Yangon, she flees the city to avoid the fate of her father and brother – one a political prisoner, the other killed in the police action against the protest. Military Intelligence agents, human traffickers, landmines and snakes are among the dangers Mya faces in her journey to Karen State, near the Thai border, to find her exiled mother. To survive, she plays many roles – bar-girl, novice nun, military porter, teacher – some by choice, others forced on her, as she struggles to overcome anger and despair, and maintain hope for a better life.

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by Leon Silver — OUT NOW

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Published 11 October 2016
• ISBN 9781922198266 • 150 pages • RRP $22.95
Ebook • ISBN 9781922198273 • RRP $9.99

“a raucous, dramatic, very funny book … compulsively readable” — Kerryn Goldsworthy, Sydney Morning Herald

“Abel’s story fits into the genre of a man recounting the follies and angst of his youth … the experimental storytelling and the unconventional style mixes it up enough that it remains interesting and somehow fresh.” — Good Reading magazine

Pull the pin, hear the ping, silver ball bounce and ding… Abel Jackson Marvin is in a coma reliving the pinball game of his life – the bumps and ricochets of bushfire, family breakup, heroic rescues, disabling and fatal accidents, marriage, fatherhood – while a clock counts away the seconds of his life and a female voice urges him to give a full account of himself.

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White-out: selected published poems 1986—2016


by Saxby Pridmore — OUT NOW

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Published 7 July 2016
• ISBN 9781922198242 • 204 pages • RRP $19.95
Ebook • ISBN 9781922198259 • $8.99

Foreword by Professor Tony Simoes da Silva, Head of School of Humanities, University of Tasmania

White-out: selected published poems 1986–2016 brings together 194 of Tasmanian poet Saxby Pridmore’s published poems to commemorate his achievement and contribution to Australian poetry: more than 300 poems published in over 40 different literary magazines and journals, including Quadrant, Studio, Famous Reporter, Blue Dog, Overland and Island.

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The Dragons Skin

The Dragon's Skin

by Ross Gray — OUT NOW

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Published 17 May 2016
• ISBN 9781922198228 • 324 pages • RRP $29.95
Ebook • ISBN 9781922198235 • RRP $7.99

The Dragon’s Skin heralds an innovative and powerful new voice on the Australian crime scene. … an involving and satisfying thriller 
Newtown Review of Books

“David Edge is a Chinese Whisper.” So Constable Carol Porter is informed while digging into one of Edge’s cold cases, unsure whether she’s investigating the crime, the crim or the cop. To his former Homicide colleagues, he’s the star detective who went bad, or pretended to, while undercover.

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