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Non-fiction proposals

Guidelines for non-fiction

We are interested in non-fiction books and essays on any topic. We particularly invite proposals for books on science, philosophy, politics or society written for a general audience.

Regardless of topic, the non-fiction we publish must be well-written, well-argued and, if appropriate, well-researched. The topic need not be intellectual, but your writing must show intellectual rigour, or you must be willing to work with an editor to bring it up to our high standards.

Please check the kinds of books we do not publish before submitting your proposal.

What to submit

Your proposal should contain:

  • a precis summarising the topic in no more than 3 sentences
  • a detailed outline of the contents of the proposed book (eg a detailed table of contents, including either headings and subheadings or a precis of each chapter or section)
  • if possible, a sample chapter
  • your background and credentials relating to your topic, including a list of any previous publications
  • the likely market for the book.

Please email your proposal to mss[AT]lacunapublishing.com

Initial response times

We respond to all submissions. Initial responses are currently taking 2–3 weeks. If you haven't heard from us after 4 weeks please contact us to check whether we received your submission.

Follow up response times

If we like your proposal, we will contact you to discuss it or request more information. It takes longer to make a complete assessment, and response times will vary widely, from a few weeks to six months or more. Please don't contact us to check on our progress. However, if you find another publisher while waiting to hear from us, please let us know.