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Lacuna accepts unsolicited manuscripts and book proposals that meet our specific guidelines for:

If you are unsure which category your work fits into, follow the fiction guidelines and include a note detailing what aspect(s) of your work may be considered non-fiction.

What we don’t publish
  • Children’s books
  • Coffee table books
  • Chap books and novelty books
  • Genre books (eg crime, romance) unless the work has sufficient originality and literary aspects beyond the usual formulas of the genre
  • Memoirs / life writing unless the work focuses on broad themes rather than your personal journey; for an example, see Cycle of Learning
  • Books that have been previously published (including ebook only and self-published books) – new or substantially revised editions excepted.
Initial response times

We respond to all submissions. Initial responses are currently taking 2–3 weeks. If you haven't heard from us after 4 weeks please contact us to check whether we received your submission.

Follow-up response times

If we like your sample or proposal, we will contact you to request your full manuscript or more information. It takes longer to make a complete assessment, and response times will vary widely, from a few weeks to six months or more.