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Publish with Lacuna

[Lacuna] is an independent Australian imprint that publishes bold, original writing that excites, entertains and informs new ways of thinking. We want writing that challenges the status quo, introduces new ideas, shares untold stories, or presents a fresh perspective.

Why publish with [Lacuna]? Our focus is on quality so our program is small and very select, publishing only 3-4 books per year that meet our high standards. We offer a traditional publishing model where we make the investment in publishing and pay generous royalties on sales. Our strengths include:

  • Development and structural editing – we work closely with our authors to develop their work until is ready for a wider audience.
  • Professional copy editing and proofing – we take the time to make sure a book is in excellent condition before it is published.
  • Professional design and production to industry standards in both print and ebook formats. 

[Lacuna] is currently accepting manuscripts and proposals. See the Submissions page for how to submit.

We believe …

  • that good writing and good ideas should be published regardless of fads or market size
  • that even the best writers still benefit from professional editorial and production assistance
  • in developing an ongoing relationship with our authors – we see them as our partners in the publishing process
  • that not every author wants to handle the intricacies of distribution or sales
  • in paying authors for their work
  • that readers don't care how or where they access content, as long as it's affordable, accessible, and provides a quality experience.