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Louise Katz

Louise Katz

Photograph by Lucy Le Masurier

Louise Katz is a speculative fiction writer and winner of two Aurealis Awards. She has travelled widely and has been employed in too many and varied jobs to recall, from early days in bars and restaurants, sales or fruit-picking, to working as a museum educator, a visual artist, and a high-school teacher. Louise currently lectures in academic writing at the University of Sydney.

The Orchid Nursery (Lacuna, 2015) – Winner of the 2016 Norma K Hemming Award for excellence in exploration of themes of diversity in speculative fiction
The Absent Men (novella) in X-6 Anthology (Coeur de Lion, 2009)
The Other Face of Janus (HarperCollins, 2001) – Winner of the Aurealis Award for Best Young Adult Novel, 2001
Myfanwy’s Demon (HarperCollins, 1996)

Short stories:
“Weavers of the Twilight” in Smashing Stories (Agog! Press, 2004) – Joint winner of the Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story, 2004
“The Little Demon” in Mystery, Magic, Voodoo & the Holy Grail (HarperCollins, 2000)

For non-fiction and academic publications, see Louise’s University of Sydney profile.